ShortsAI is a powerful tool that combines a comprehensive info product with cutting-edge software technology. 

The training covers everything from concepts for short videos, strategies and tips on how to build a list by working only few hours a day.

The smartphone app replaces the expensive video equipment and lets you create high-engaging videos in minutes. AI system creates a video script that you can read from a built-in teleprompter.


 ✔ Mobile and desktop app that turns your smartphone into a lead generation powerhouse

 ✔ Easy to use and newbie-friendly

 ✔ Produce high-quality videos on demand

 ✔ Built in AI writes script using a simple prompt

 ✔ Teleprompter – Read script while shooting video

 ✔ Automatic pause-removal – the app automatically removes silence from video

 ✔ The app comes with Android and iOS version so you can use mobile camera

 ✔ Use webcam (we have webcam version too)

 ✔  Share your videos on Youtube & Facebook

 ✔  One-time payment for a limited time only!